Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Perilwing Ryuho Boss Fight Guide

Published: 5 Aug 2022
Time to defeat this flying superboss in Xenoblade Chronicles 3!

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is an action RPG game which follows the story of Noah and Mio who are members of two nations that are at war with each other.

This guide will tell you how to defeat Perilwing Ryuho boss in the game.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Perilwing Ryuho Boss Fight Guide

For the setup, we will be using 2 tanks, 2 healers and 2 attackers with the team consisting of Noah, Mio, Eunie, Taion, Lanz, Sena and Ashera.

This composition will help us achieve all the chain attack bonuses and maintain the team’s consistency.

Superbosses have a unique mechanic in this game which means once you beat them, you rechallenge all the way till you reach level 200. This setup will help you as the bosses reach higher levels and become more challenging.

The Perilwing Ryuho boss can be found in the upper corner of the Aetia Region in Cooley Lake which is located at the upper corner of the map.

You can only access Cooley Lake from the upper region which is the snowy area so cannot find it on the general full map of the game.

You can find the Perilwing Ryuho at level 100 in the area and this is the first fight that you do against it.

One annoying thing about this enemy is that it has a very high break resistance even when compared to the other superbosses.

You might need to perform a chain attack to break his resistance without getting a launch which will since the composition of the team has very high base damage overall.

Interlinking Eunie and Taion to form an Ouroboros is a great idea as it can heal your entire team.

Most of your characters will be fine because of their buffs and you can go for a break combo later in the fight. Later, you can also fuse Sena and Lanz to create an Ouroboros that will increase their aggro values.

You can use your talon art with Sena and initiate a launch combo on the enemy. Sena has a lot of base damage with the Ouroboros hits in general especially if you max out the tree.

Later when the Ouroboros form expires, you can perform a chain attack after your head is out of the water in the lake.

At this point, we will be following a general strategy, Eunie and Noah attacking in the first round when they can. Ashera is another great option if you are going for the most powerful chain attacks.

One interesting thing is that Eunie’s Ouroboros form actually gets a buff depending on how many buffs are available on all ally party members which can give the entire team upto 500% extra damage.

You can also pass this skill to Taion and if you do that, their Ouroboros finisher will do an insane amount of damage since both of them will get the 500% bonus as other characters to have power charge as well attack buffs.

This results in the strongest finisher in any Ouroboros ever making them even stronger than Noah and Sena who belong to the attacker class of Ouroboros.

So that’s another benefit of using Eunie as a DPS character while using Taion as DPS will also give you the most damage since you are guaranteed to get the finishers. Noah and Sena are the third best option if you are trying to go for max damage chain

You will also get the completion bonus of Ashera who’s giving power charge to all her teammates. Chances are that you will already have a power charge as a buff if your Signifer does a chain attack.

At this point, you will have 2 rounds of the attack left with one being an Oroboros round. You can go with Mio for the first chain attack round or Taion if he appears during the selection.

It’s an easy fight overall and you can defeat the enemy once you get the overkill. The only thing that is difficult is breaking the resistance of the boss in the initial part of the fight.

However, if your damage is strong enough then you don’t need a breaker launcher but it can help if you are playing on higher difficulties.

That’s it, now go ahead and use this strategy to defeat Perwilwing Ryuho!