Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Gameplay Walkthrough Part 3

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is a newly released action role-playing game with a huge open world to explore. You can play with up to seven party members to participate in battles and roam around the map to explore and follow the story of Xenoblade Chronicles. If you want to know more about the entire Walkthrough Part 3, then we will show you all the storyline, tips, bosses, and more.

This guide will show you the Gameplay Walkthrough Part 3 in Xenoblade Chronicles 3!

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Gameplay Walkthrough Part 3

Once you start Part 3 in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, you will begin in the Ribbi Flats, Fornis Region. Together with your party members, have to go through the area and make your way to Colony 4.

While going through the area you will encounter plenty of monsters and enemies that will try to stop your way. However, together with your party, you will have a lot of enjoying battles along your way.

Once you arrive at Colony 4 Ferronis, you have to go and talk to Ethel. You will receive a new standard quest from her called “Helping out”. While you are still in Colony 4, you can roam around and talk with some of the NPCs, or especially if you find those with an info symbol on their names.

This will help you to gather useful info for the story quest “Helping out”, the one that Ethel asked you to do for her.

 After the “Helping out” quest, you will have to complete another hero quest, called “No Want of Courage”. Follow the instructions and the marked locations on your map, and once you complete the quest, Ethel will join temporarily in your party.

After completing the quest, you will be back in Colony 4 Barracks. Here you will have to find a resting stop where you need to rest and discuss with your party members.

Once the discussion is done, you will receive a new objective in Colony 5 Command. Together with your part, make your way to Colony 5 Command and announce your departure. From here you will have to go to the southeast from Ribbi Flats area.

There you will come to a point where you will unlock a new Hero Quest called “The Kind Right Hand”, where you will meet with the Hero Valdi. On this quest, you need to defeat the Strange Keves Soldiers, Velites, and Equites. Once you complete this quest, Valdi will join temporarily in your party.

Don’t forget to collect the required items and then go to Elsie’s Spout. Along the way, you have to follow Valdi’s Mini-Levnis.

After that, you will need to defeat the Incomplete Siege-Lev in order to unlock Rudy and the wall climb skill will become available.

From there, make your way back to Colony 30 where you need to talk with the NPCs to gather 4 required pieces of information.

Once you are done with the NPCs, head to the center of Colony 30 where your main quest will be updated.

Up To Locating Colony Lambda

First of all, you need to climb the cliff near Elsie’s Spout, then head south-east of the Fornis region. You have to come to the Seilas Terrace Camp and rest with your party.

You will have a short discussion and after that, you will receive a new objective to reach the Urayan tunnels and progress through the main story in the Pentelas region.

There you will get a new quest called “A Nopon’s Counse”. In order to finish this quest, you have to follow the next instructions:

  • Head to Elevator #1 and start it to get to Mine #1.
  • Once you are in the mine, you have to examine 3 Mineral Deposits.
  • After obtaining the mineral deposits, head to the Ruins of Seebu Are and Rest with your party.
  • After the rest, head to the Ruins of Seebu where you need to defeat Princess Arachno and Savant Arachno (once defeated, Riku and Manana will be unlocked).

After defeating the two bosses, you have to continue progressing through the Urayan Tunnels where you will encounter Lambda Ferronis and Consul J. Defeat them and then search of Isurd.

Once you find it, you have to run outside Colony Lambda and this chapter will be finished.

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