Xenoblade Chronicles 3: All Bosses And Endings

Published: 1 Aug 2022
For information on all of Xenoblade 3's bosses and endings, check out this guide!

Many more bosses will become available to you as you go through the campaign of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, complete special boss and side quests, gather knowledge at colonies, and explore the vast continent of Aionios. These bosses will help you on your Ouroboros quest.

This walkthrough will explain how to access each boss and endings in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 as well as how to level up the bosses.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: All Bosses And Endings

In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, strategizing for battle requires the involvement of Bosses. It’s a good idea to invite a boss to your squad even though you’re not required to, especially if you’re playing on harder difficulties or facing off against super bosses

Bosses are essential for chain attacks and masking any weaknesses in your party lineup, in addition to the added advantages of having a seventh party member.

After chapter two, the bosses are readily accessible. It automatically unlocks, so you can’t miss it, but due to a few plot twists, you can’t truly invite your first boss until you’ve traveled through more of the Ribbi Flats, or about a third of the way through the chapter.

The bosses you meet in about the first half of the game are listed here. Check out our picks for the finest classes in Xenoblade 3 if you’d prefer to start from scratch because the list contains some character spoilers.

Ethel – Flash Fencer – Attacker

Ethel will become available early in the game as part of the primary campaign.

Flash Fencer is a quick-hitting class that Ethel can choose from. To increase her overall attack strength, activate her talent art after charging it and use her buff arts to power up before launching your primary assaults. To ensure that you keep filling up that talent art gauge as quickly as possible here, you’ll need to make sure to position yourself correctly for attacks to the side and rear of enemies. However, it pays off with a class that, when used properly, can deal significant damage in a short period of time.

Artificer Valdi – War Medic – Healer

Taking control of Colony 30 will allow you to free Valdi.

Valdi is a War Medic, a class that immediately gives your healing skills a significant boost early in the game. Once you unlock this class, you’ll probably find that you always have at least one on hand because their AOE heals can definitely save a party that is under attack.

Inscrutable Teach – Thaumaturge – Healer 

Colony Gamma must be freed in order to unlock Teach.

The Thaumaturge is a fighter/healer hybrid with the ability to adapt to a range of combat conditions. They also have a gift for painting that creates an armor veil to protect allies.

Ashenpelt Gray – Full Metal Jaguar – Attacker

To gain access to Riku and Manana, you must finish the campaign’s “A Nopon’s Counsel” quest.

The Yumsmith class is a solid all-around option because it incorporates both offense and AOE support skills. This class is useful for managing several enemies at once.

Ashenpelt Gray – Full Metal Jaguar – Attacker

You must locate the golden “?” quest marker in the Aetia Region, just to the northeast of the Kamos Outpost landmark, in order to unlock Gray. This will start a brief journey that ends with the addition of the enigmatic boss to your squad.

Full Metal Jaguar is sure to be a favorite among gamers; it just seems too cool not to try! This striking subclass focuses on hitting enemies who get tougher and deadlier with each hit. When you time your arts to coincide with enemy attacks, you’ll find yourself dealing massive damage in this situation.

Dawnhero Isurd – Strategos – Healer 

To gain access to Isurd, liberate Colony Lambda.

The Strategos is a class that combines the power to help heal while simultaneously weakening foes with a range of debuffs. This is a cunning class that can significantly alter the course of a difficult battle.

Ghostbow Juniper – Stalker – Attacker

Liberate Tau Colony to unlock this boss.

The Stalker class excels at controlling aggro despite dealing modest damage. Attacks from Juniper can cause bleeding, which increases the potency of her bow shots. Her attacks also become more powerful when her foes have less than 30% life remaining. This class also grants you greatly reduced aggro and increased agility, which allows you to dodge incoming ranged attacks from your foes.

Undying Blade Ashera – Lone Exile – Defender

Just beyond Colony 11’s gates, there is a golden “?” quest marker that you must find in order to unlock Ashera. This will start a mission to free the colony.

The Lone Exile is a defensive class that excels at counterattacking, attracts a lot of attention, and puts pressure on stronger teammates as you take damage. When nearby comrades are being damaged, exiles will instinctively attack the enemy on their behalf.

City’s Bulwark Monica – Lost Vanguard – Defender

To unlock Monica, complete the “Vandham’s Heir” hero quest.

The Lost Vanguard is an expert at fending off hostile attacks and may deploy protective fields to aid teammates in need. While protecting, vanguards have the ability to harm.

Proudbanner Fiona – Signifier – Healer

To unlock Fiona, finish the “Transparent Dreams” hero quest. The Conchrock Beach landmark in the Candensia Region is where you can start this quest by traveling there. There, you’ll find a golden “?” quest marker that starts Fiona’s story in action.

The Signifier is a unique healing subclass that strengthens your assault skills with a variety of supportive arts while simultaneously healing your party and applying random bonuses.

Defiant Triton – Soulhacker – Attacker

To unlock Defiant Triton, travel to the Candensia Region and locate the golden “?” quest sign, which starts the Colony 15 liberation quest. Simply carry on completing side missions at colonies until the game has advanced to the stage where the markers start to appear if you can’t see any quest markers on the region’s map.

The Soulhacker class is one of the most intriguing and experimental in the game; it gains arts and talents from slain unique creatures, so in order to maximize its potential, you’ll need to go out and take down some tough opponents around the globe. Go to a specific Soulhack List in the Heroes area of the in-game menus to see all the skills you’ve acquired for this class.

Wrathfist Ghondor – Martial Artist – Attacker

As you progress through the main campaign, Ghondor will become available relatively late in the story.

The Martial Artist is an attacking class that can hasten the rate at which its equipped arts recharge for swift combo attacks. Once charged, its talent art can also consume the charge status of all equipped arts to deliver additional damage.

Glorysong Miyabi – Troubadour – Healer

To release Miyabi, free Colony Omega.

The Troubadour has the ability to heal their teammates during combat as well as hasten the rate at which their arts recharge, allowing for quicker hitting combos. Additionally, the charge for all of your party’s arts is completely replenished by your talent art. Invaluable in a tight spot.

Smoldering Cammuravi – Seraph – Attacker 

To unlock Cammuravi, complete the “A Twist of Fate” hero quest.

With each additional blow you deal to your enemies, the Seraph’s attacks get more potent. To boost and maintain high attack stats, this class also employs self-harming arts. One to experiment with, but right away the Seraph is just a lot of fun because of its quick assaults and powerful use of a massive flaming weapon.

No.7 Segiri

Liberate Colony 0: As you complete side quests at Colony 4, you’ll ultimately come across a series of missions regarding stealth camouflage adversaries. This encounter with Colony 0 will reveal its location and enable you to free it.

The fighting class known as the Machine Assassin, which Segiri unlocks, employs debuffs to weaken enemies before striking first. The assassin can increase their damage output by using debuff techniques to weaken large groups of enemies. The navigation talent known as Hazard Neutralization is also unlocked by this class!

Melia, Queen of Keves – Royal Summoner – Attacker

After visiting Nia for the first time and returning to The Hall of the Serene late in the game, you’ll discover a golden “?” that triggers a quest to add Nia to your roster.

The strongest healer in the game, able to instantly aid the entire group. When unleashing assaults, the Lifesage can entirely disregard an opponent’s defense stats. Powerful in every way!

Nia, Queen of Agnus – Lifesage – Healer

After freeing Keves Castle, go back there to locate a golden “?” on the first floor, which starts a quest to free Melia. Fast traveling to the neighboring Tap-dancing Nopon bar rest site and then heading south for a short distance directly is the most effective way to get to this quest marker.

The Royal Summoner is a fierce attacking class that has the ability to control three separate elements through their arts. They can also summon powerful elemental attacks that deal significant damage to enemies by using their skill art.

With a few exceptions, heroes join your squad permanently once you finish their quest. You can switch them out whenever you want or, if you like, you can completely eliminate the seventh party participant. The greatest hero will typically be significantly influenced by the composition of your current party, which itself will usually alter depending on where you are in the tale.

The hero’s importance in chain attacks is yet another compelling argument for including one on your team. One of the three panels you select before deciding on everyone’s attacks, the hero order, does not deplete the chain attack gauge when activated.

When you employ a hero’s skill in a chain attack, most of them also offer extra advantages, such as increasing everyone’s attack’s talent points or, in the best circumstances, concluding the chain attack with a Bravo or Amazing rating, which reactivates more characters in the following round.