Xbox Series X – Xbox One: How To Fix Error Code 0x8b0500b6

September 13, 2022
Time to fix this pesky error and get back to gaming!

Microsoft has developed a really great next-gen gaming console with the Xbox Series S and X however it’s still a shame to see errors like Code 0x8b0500b6 that occur when trying to install a system update.

This guide will tell you how to fix the Error Code 0x8b0500b6 on Xbox consoles.

How To Fix Error Code 0x8b0500b6 On Xbox Series X – Xbox One

This network error usually occurs when you are trying to play a game, get online with your friends or just install a system update on the console.

1. Check the status of Xbox Gaming Services

It is important that you should check the current status of the Xbox Gaming Services to know whether there you are the only one facing the issue or if the service itself is going through an outage.

To check this, open your settings and go to the Network Settings option in the General tab.

In this menu, you will be able to find out whether any Xbox services are experiencing any issues by looking at the bottom right corner.

You can also use a wired controller instead of a wireless one to check if the issue is resolved or not.

2. Change DNS Settings to Manual

Go to the Network Settings on your Xbox and then select the Advanced Settings option there.

Select the DNS Settings option to change your DNS.

Click on the Manual option and then enter for the primary.

For the secondary DNS, you can set

This will fix any potential network issues that are preventing you from updating or connecting to Xbox Services.

3. Restart your Xbox Console.

Press and Hold the Xbox button on the controller and then click on the Restart Console-> Restart option. Now try to update your console or connect online to check if the issue is resolved.

That’s it,hopefully these troubleshooting methods will fix the error and you will be able to enjoy gaming on your Xbox console!