World Of Warcraft: How To Craft Iskaaran Fishing Net

October 7, 2022
Get to fishing in World of Warcraft!

The ninth expansion pack for World of Warcraft is almost here. Dragonflight will be released on October 28 and will feature a new unique way of outdoor progression. There will be a few major factions releasing with Dragonflight, among them will be the Iskaara Tuskarr. A race that has been peacefully living on the Dragon Isles for generations. One of these Tuskarr is Tavio, she welcomes the player and will craft them a fishing net if they so desire.

Here’s a guide on how to craft the Iskaaran Fishing Net in World of Warcraft.

How To Craft Iskaaran Fishing Net – World Of Warcraft

To start, you will have to talk to Tavio and ask about the Iskaaran ways of fishing. This will start the Iskaaran Fishing Net quest. Tavio will request a few items in order to craft a fishing net for you. It’s not too difficult to find these items.

You will need:

  • 3 Strong Sea Kelp
  • 2 Stone with Hole

The Strong Sea Kelp is found nearby. You can interact with some kelp that washed ashore and collect them there. The kelp is found all over the cold island so take your pick of wherever you want to harvest.

For convenience, there’s a couple of kelp close together near Bukarakikk the Skinning Trainer.

Next for the Stone with Hole, you can find it slightly farther off at the greener shores.

They can usually be found in close proximity to each other. You only need a couple and then you can return to Tavio.

Trade in the items with Tavio and she will craft and give you the Iskaaran Fishing Net. Completing the quest also awards you with some money and some Iskaara Tuskarr Reputation.

And that is how to craft the Iskaaran Fishing Net in World of Warcraft!