World Of Warcraft: Frostflash Assault Location

September 21, 2022
Head over to this area to find the Frostflash Assault location!

World of Warcraft is a massive online multiplayer game where players can explore the world of Azeroth to meet other characters, fight against monsters, complete quests and upgrade their gear. During your adventures, you will come across different types of quests and locations such as the Frostflash Assault

This guide will tell you the location of the Frostflash Assault in the game.

Frostflash Assault Location – World Of Warcraft

In order to find the Frostflash Assault location, head over to the Flashfrost Enclave near the Dragonscale Base camp at the above location in The Waking Shore.

The exact coordinate is 55.50, 83.85 where you will need to fly through the cave with blue crystals that looks similar to a rib cage.

Go to the right where the mountain is located and you will find plenty of flying dragons here.This is the exact location where the Frontflash Assault will begin.

That’s it, visit these co-ordinates to find the Frostflash Assault location.