Who Has The Most Badges On Roblox?

July 25, 2022
Are you curious to find out who in Roblox has the most badges? If yes then don't forget to read it till the end!

Badges are something that is created and earned by the users. With the use of badges, you can designate unique prizes for players who excel in your game. A player may receive a badge if they earned  100 gold stars,  jump over a challenging sequence of platforms that are built over a poisonous marsh, and unlock the kingdoms of Earth, Air, Lava, Ocean, Light, Shadow, and Dreams by locating all 7 keys.

Scroll down to find out the name of the one who has the most number of badges in Roblox.

Who Has The Most Badges On Roblox? Find Out Here!

With almost 200,000 gained player badges as of February 2022, tazgurl400 leads the Roblox leaderboard. The very next month Linkreader broke his record and became the one who has the most player badges in Roblox. 

Linkreader has acquired over 250,000 player badges as of March 24th, 2022, making him the Roblox user with the most badges. Also As of June 2008, Seppo Mxe4kinen (Finland) had collected 30,105 various badges from more than 50 nations. He started collecting badges in 1994.

The MVP badge for Jailbreak is without a doubt the rarest and most difficult badge on Roblox. Out of the millions of gamers who have played this game, only 45,000 have earned this badge. You need to obtain every badge in Roblox Jailbreak in order to obtain the rarest one.  To have any chance of earning a rare badge, you must have at least a few friends.

Keep in mind that for each experience you own, you can produce up to five free badges in a 24-hour (GMT) period. The cost of each additional badge you make within the 24-hour period is 100 Robux. To make a badge, select Game Settings from the Settings section of the navigation bar’s Home tab.