Where to find Leyline Feed in Ley Station Moonfall

Published: 9 May 2022
Check out this guide on how to complete the Leyline Feed quest in World of Warcraft!

World of Warcraft is a massively popular MMO RPG, a game that is known to have many missions and quests. Leyline Feed is a quest that many players struggle to complete because it can be very disorienting since there are not many hints indicating where the Broken Leydar Dish is.

This guide will help you with locating the lost Leydar Dish in question.

Where to find Leyline Feed in Ley Station Moonfall

To begin the Leyline Feed quest you first have to travel to Ley Station Moonfall, Ley Station Moonfall is located in Moonwhisper Gultch which is located right under Moonguard Stronghold.

You will see an entrance across the shoreline this is the entrance to Ley Station Moonfall. Once inside you will have to find the broken Leyline Feed.

To find the broken Leyline Feed enter the Station once inside the main hall then go to the first right hall when you arrive at the right hall continue going forward, after that the Leyline Feed is hard to miss.

Approach the Leyline and accept the quest. By completing this quest, you will be rewarded with an Ancient Workshop Focusing Crystal a level 1 item with a selling price of 25 gold coins. After accepting the quest, you have to fall back and exit the station.

You then have to locate a Thudchop Trunksmasher and kill it.

Once the creature is slain it will drop the Broken Leydar Dish which is needed for the completion of the quest, once the item is in your inventory your next task is to turn it in and collect the reward.