What Is The Best Race In Peroxide? Answered

August 25, 2023
Want to know what the best race in Peroxide is? Well let us give you the correct answer!

Peroxide is a very interesting MMORPG that has originated from Roblox and in that game there are different classes and races that you can choose from. Each race has its own unique abilities and upgradable paths. But to ensure you get the best one out there, we will show you which class is by far the greatest one out there to play in Peroxide.

What Is The Best Race In Peroxide? Answered

There are a ton of different classes, races and clans in Peroxide.

The most important thing that you need to note about them is that almost all of these classes are well-balanced and can be played pretty well and will perform very well at the end-stages of Peroxide.

It all comes down to your skill and how well you’ve mastered the game itself to time every attack perfectly against your opponents.

Each race has its own unique forms that you can reach and be the greatest.

The only class that has the upper hand after a form transformation is the Soul Reaper. The Soul Reaper can get visored, he can also get Vassal Rage and allow you to become a Vestal Lord.

And that’s about it with all of the races out there for Peroxide. The only small advantage out of all races is the Soul Reaper as he can become a Vestal Lord and have a slightly higher advantage then other races but this advantage is very minimal.

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