Wayfinder Venomess Class Guide

August 17, 2023
Want to learn more about the Venomess class in Wayfinder? Check out this guide to find out!

Wayfinder is a brand new MMO that has just been released. In Wayfinder you have different classes. The Venomess class is one of those interesting support classes that will help you and your team to be powered up and stay alive in each battle for quite some time.

In this guide, we will show you more about the Venomess class in Wayfinder.

Wayfinder Venomess Class Guide

“The Venomess is a deadly spy from the Maze, and her poisons have changed the course of history. But the Gloom has swallowed both the Maze and the Empire, and her secret war is over. Ven’s a survivor, and for now the Seekers are the only game in town.”

The Venomess is a very interesting class that you want to be playing in Wayfinder. With this class, you have abilities which will help you deal a little bit of damage in a very long distance as well as be a very good support for your teammates.

Venomess Abilities

There are four main abilities that you will come across whenever you play Venomess. These abilities are:

TRANSFUSION – Shoot a volley of poison needles that lock-on to nearby enemies, dealing damage. Hitting an enemy with a needle causes a healing projectile to seek a nearby Wayfinder. These projectiles heal over time based on the number of stacks of Venom on the source enemy.

VAMPIRIC BLAST – Launch a bomb that absorbs up to 5 nearby Poison Clouds. After a brief delay, the bomb explodes, dealing damage to enemies and healing allies based on the number of Poison Clouds absorbed.

VENOM THRUSTERS – Dash in a direction, leaving a trail of Poison Clouds behind you. Poison Clouds damage and apply stacks of Venom to enemies.

DEEP BREATH – Fire a massive explosion that damages and applies 5 stacks of Empowered Venom to enemies. Empowered Venom deals damage over time and counts as additional stacks of Venom for the Master of Venoms and Transfusion abilities.

The passive ability that Venomess has is called MASTER OF VENOMS. This ability provides the following:

  • Weapon hits apply Venom, dealing damage over time and stacking up to 5 times. Weapon hits against enemies with 5 stacks of Venom create a Poison Cloud that deals damage and applies stacks of Venom. A Poison Cloud can only be created by this effect once every five seconds.

Venomess Signature Weapon & Weapon Ability

While in battle, Venomess will wield the NIGHTSHADE which is a weapon made for herself. The weapon has needles that are infused with the venom of the Orlake Wyvern, ensuring a swift and painful demise.

The weapon ability that the NIGHTSHADE possesses is called WYVERN’S FURY. This weapon ability provides the following:

  • Reloads the rifle with an empowered clip. During this clip, the weapon is fully automatic and every bullet is infused to apply a stack of Poison on hit. Poison deals a small amount of damage over six seconds, stacking up to 20 times.


To sum things up, Venomess is a very quick and agile character in each battlefield. Her main focus is dealing damage as well as having a lot of crowd control.

Additionally in dealing all that damage and providing CC for the team, she will heal all nearby allies for a fraction of all the poison damage that she makes.

In short, you want to poison almost every opponent around you as quickly as possible and stack poison on them to provide more HPS for your team and lower the enemy’s health as much as you can.

And there you have it. Those are some of the things that you need to know about Venomess in Wayfinder. A very good support character that has potential do be a great DPS overall.