Way Of The Hunter: How Use And Unlock Level Calls | Caller Guide

August 20, 2022
Here you can learn How to Use and Unlock Level Calls in Way of The Hunter!

Way of The Hunter is a completely new experience that will let you explore and hunt in large open-world environments in the USA and Europe. This game has brought the hunting experience to a whole new level of reality for its hunter players. In a game like this, it’s very important to have and use callers to attract the animals and do a successful hunt.

This guide will show you How to Use and Unlock Level Calls in Way of The Hunter.

How Use And Unlock Level Calls | Caller Guide

Calling and Call Levels

You may also lure animals closer to your location if done correctly. But a caller corresponding to the animal you want to call.

For example, to call a deer, you would use a doe caller to make them think that there is a female nearby. Must know that predators react to the sound of their prey – to the sounds of a vulnerable animal.

Once you buy and equip a caller, the important thing is to call correctly. Doing otherwise is risky and the animal might recognize you and run away.

Each caller has a time period in between calls during which you should not call again because the animal will recognize that there is something wrong.

Unlock more callers to attract more animals.

The first call is usually perfect and will lure the animal closer. To make the animals come even closer, you have to use it again at the correct time. The correct time is when the caller indicator moves to the middle of a calling time period.

About the Call Levels, based on your experience and caller type, it might have up to three levels of calling. This differs for each caller. To unlock higher levels of calling, you need to unlock some perks first:

Real Life Hunting Trivia:

Bucks are involved in skirmishes during the fall. They battle for dominance by smashing their antlers together and pushing back and forth.

Knowing how to use caller, will always attract animals around you.

The sound made during these fights is the rattling of antlers.

You can use real antlers, artificial antlers, or even a bag of various-sized sticks of wood to make the sound of bucks fighting to lure them to your location.