Way of The Hunter Badger Location | Where To Hunt White Tail Deer

August 18, 2022
Let’s find out where to locate Bagger and hunt white-tail deer in the gameplay!

Way of the Hunter is a rich, all-encompassing hunting and exploring simulator that immerses you in the outdoors. You must assist your ailing Grandpa in managing his affairs while he recovers, and as a skilled wildlife hunter, there are many species you must locate.

When you need money, not all of them are worthwhile, but the whitetail deer is unquestionably one of them. Here in this guide, you’ll learn where to hunt white-tail deer along with the location of Badger in the Way of the Hunter. 

Badger Location | Where To Hunt White Tail Deer In Way Of The Hunter

White Tail Deer is one rare animal to find in Way of The Hunter
White Tail Deer is one rare animal to find in Way of The Hunter

Where to find Badger?

One of the 14 creatures that are accessible and required to fulfill the task “Not a Huffle Badger” is the badger.

Finding little badgers is simpler than it would be in thickly vegetated places since open areas with gently sloping hills and occasional vegetation are where badgers are most likely to be located.

Where to Hunt White-Tail Deer?

When you initially start out, white-tail deer are an excellent choice to concentrate on. These creatures are one of your first practice targets in the game and a favorite of real-world hunters.

They are also one of the simpler targets to hit due to previous practice and their handy placement in the Nez Perce Valley, where you can fast travel right next to where they spawn when you discover the little campground there.

However, there are several varieties of deer, and some are more valuable than others. You should initially concentrate on Whitetail deer. Whitetail deer are worth the kill when you do catch one, even if they are a little tougher to find than the more frequent Mule deer.

Whitetail deer will likely get you closer to $600 per kill. White-tail Deer are among the greatest early game species to concentrate on hunting, especially given that the majority of weapons and gun accessories will set you back more than $800 each, while region unlocks may cost up to $2,500.