Way Of The Hunter: 2 Methods For Following Blood Trails

August 20, 2022
Don’t know how to Follow Blood Trails in Way of The Hunter? Check out this guide to find out!

Way of The Hunter is a completely new experience that will let you explore and hunt in large open-world environments in the USA and Europe. While you are hunting animals, you won’t all the time shoot precisely, which means the animal can run away. However, it will be wounded and you can follow its Blood Trail and catch it again.

This guide will show you How to Follow Blood Trails in Way of The Hunter.

2 Methods For Following Blood Trails

First Method

It is very important which part of the body you will hit the animal.

With every successful shoot, the animal will do a specific move that will let you know how much it is wounded, can it run away or just die instantly.

Having a precise shot is the majority of successful hunt.

There are few animal hit reactions, and post hit behavior. What happens after the shot is based on the damage to the internal organs.

The organs can be hit directly by a penetrating bullet, or by the cavity created around the bullet. Usually, animals react in the following ways:

  • The animal drops immediately on the spot after a hit – This happens when you hit vital organs, and will deliver the fastest kill. It will also happen after you shoot an animal through the skull, but be aware that shooting an animal in the head isn’t ethical.
  • The animal sprints rapidly, eventually slows and drops down in between sprinting – You have managed to place a good shot, but it takes more time for the animal to die.
  • The animal sprints and slows down steadily, until it lies down to die – Not the best shot and can happen when you use the wrong caliber, either a strong gut shot or you have hit the vitals only glancingly. You must be careful approaching an animal shot this way because, even though it’s overwhelmed and not as alert as before, you can spook it further and have to look for it again to harvest it.
  • The animal sprints and keeps slowing down, until it lies down to recover – The animal was hurt just lightly and will lie down just to recover. To find this kind of shot animal, you have to be very careful as you can spook it further.
  • The animal sprints away – You have only scratched the animal and spooked it. After a while, the animal stops bleeding and heals up.

You must know this because it is important to know if it is worth going after the Blood Trail at the start, because if it’s not worth it, then you are just losing time.

Another very important thing to know about is the types of Blood Trails.

An animal leaves a blood trail after every shot. The color and amount can tell you a lot about the shot you placed. The color of the blood will tell you which organs have been hit.

  • Brain & Spine – Red color: it will die on the spot;
  • Heart & Lungs & Artery – Pink with bubbles and a large amount of blood;
  • Stomach & Intestines – Red color with green mixed in;
  • Bone & Flesh – Red color, small amount of blood.

To examine the blood trail, interact with the blood splatter.

Analyze the Blood Trail to find the wounded animal.

Second Method

The second method is kind of cheating. You just have to use the photo mode in the game to track the blood trail.

Press escape, and go to Photo mode.

Once you are in Photo mode, you just simply press right-click and push the space bar.

With this, you will go up and can see around you.

From above you can see all of the things on the ground, but however, most of the times it could be difficult to spot any animal around with this method.

Depending on your preferences, you can choose which one is better method for you to use for the next hunt.