Warlander: Is Crossplay Support Available

January 30, 2023
Want to know if Warlander will have Crossplay Support? Stick around to find out.

Warlander is an amazing free-to-play online strategy game. You get to choose between three different classes and fight alongside your teammates to take out the enemies core and win the game. Currently Warlander is only available on PC but it will soon be also available for multiple platforms.

In this guide, we will show you if Warlander will have Crossplay support.

Is Crossplay Support Available

An official statement has been made from the developers of Warlander stating that Crossplay will be available in April 2023.

That isn’t so far from now, only a little bit more time to wait until the game gets even more and more populated.

The two major upcoming platforms will also support Warlander, they are:

  • PlayStation
  • Xbox

And there you have it folks. All that is left now is for us to wait until the Crossplay feature to be available on Warlander and you can also enjoy the game with more people from different platrofms.