Warhammer Vermintide 2: Leveling Guide | How To Level Up Fast

Warhammer Vermentide 2 is a first person POV roleplaying game where you get to create your character and upgrade it by leveling it up and attaching high quality pieces of equipment to it. Knowing how to level up fast in this game will surely allow you to be ahead of the whole competition and equip equipment faster.

This guide will show you how to level up fast in Warhammer Vermentide 2.

Leveling Guide | How To Level Up Fast

Starting A Game

When you get to the main menu, you want to open up a custom game and select the Helmgart act. Here you have various acts. Go to the second act and select “The Screaming Bell” level. Once that is done, select the recruit difficulty and begin your custom game.

In here, begin the level by going to the waypoint and you need to begin your mini objectives, which are obtaining:

  • 3 Tomes
  • 2 Grimoire

Grimoire #1

The first grimoire can be found at the Milizengrube area. Once you get here, go to this specific area presented on the image where you need to do a little bit of parkour.

Climb up to the area where the two guards are standing, here you need to do a little bit of fighting and continue forward until you obtain the first Grimoire.

Tome #1

To obtain this tome, you need to get to this building which is located just forward from the previous location where you’ve found the previous collectible. Enter this building shown on the image and get up to the second floor.

At the second floor, the only way to follow will be left, which will lead you on some wooden platforms outside the building. Follow that path and take the first left that you see around the corner of the building.

Pass the two following wooden platforms and on the other corner of the building take the next left which will bring you right in front of the tome.

Tome #2

This second tome can be found inside the Spucknapf Market area. Climb a ladder from this part of the market (Shown on the image below) and follow the lines given in the guide. At the other side of the market, inside a wooden box, the second tome can be found.

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Grimoire #2

The second Grimoire can be found inside the Gebhard Strasse area. Here you need to climb up the stone statue which is located in the middle of the area. Drop down in a hole where a lever can be found there.

Once inside, switch the lever to allow you to go further into the level and right next to it, you will notice a closed chest that you can open. Inside that chest, the Grimoire can be found.

Tome #3

This third and final tome can be located at the von Bisschenbesser Strasse area. Here you need to take a left once you get to this area and take the first right as the path guides you. The first entrance that you see to a building is the one that you need to enter if you want to get the tome.

Once you enter this part of the building, go out the window and hug the left side of the wall at all times, here you need to follow the wall until you get to the next opening of a room. There the third tome can be found.

Final Event

And now we are onto the final event. Follow the level until you get to the end where the Screaming Bell is located. There are several hooks around the bell which will require you to destroy in order to free it from its protection.

Once all hooks are out, a giant Rat Ogre will spawn in the area and start to fight. Throw bombs towards the ogre to deal a ton of damage to it and defeat it quick.

Once the Rat Ogre has been defeated, loot the Loot Die item from it and escape the area through the Bridge of Shadows. The bridge of shadows is at the very beginning of the level, meaning that you need to go back from where you’ve started.

Make sure to have a ton of potions to keep you alive for this method if you want to level up quickly.


Every time you complete this mission, you will be granted 1330 experience. This will help you get from level 20 to level 27-28 in no time. Learn the patterns and areas to speed run this level and leveling will be a piece of cake in this game.

And there you have it! Now you know how you can level up fast in Warhammer Vermintide 2. Happy farming!

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