Warhammer 3: Kislev Army Guide

February 17, 2022
The Kislev Army is manning the door to civilization

The Kislev Army is here to keep humanity safe and keep everything traditional. From their everyday training, living and fighting.

They have two traditional weapons, the bow and the axe, they symbolize the hunter and the woodsman respectfully, they are light armored which are cheap which makes them mobile and versatile in the battlefields. Equipped with gunmen, war machines.

They made a promise that they will keep their humanity save no matter the cost. Ranged units equipped with guns that have an axe at the other end weapon, reminding us that something lovely is on the other side of the gun. Kislev are also famous for their mounted units, because they are not only riding normal horses.

Kislev are riding white bears who are charging the opponents and giving the Kislev army an upper hand in fighting.

Kislev Army Guide – Warhammer 3

Strengths & Weaknesses


With their traditional training going on for years and been passing throughout decades, the Kislev Army has mastered their tactics in training and has become far more powerful than any other army.

With their enchanted crossbow men that fire icy arrows to slow down enemies, to their Bear Calvary, they are dedicated fighters who will not let anyone stand in their path.

The Kislev Army are also equipped with a double ended gun which can be good for melee and ranged attacks. If that was not enough. Kislev have a giant Enchanted bear that with 1 palm smash is able to destroy 50 or more enemies at once.

More agile and versatile horsemen riders are great for quick kills on enemies and rushing fast towards objectives in order to be victorious in battle. Their cannoning bears are a great source of killing enemies from a far and destroying barriers.


The Kislev Army is traditional, but the most important thing that they are lacking in the whole battlefield are aerial units. That’s right, Kislev don’t have any aerial units that can aid them in the air for whatever the reason may be during war.

Traditional humanly training is good but sometimes things need to be enhanced in order to win or have the upper hand in war. By enhanced I am saying that they have light armor on them and are very fragile once they get attacked. Upgrading on a higher and heavier armor will for sure give them more protection and not be as fragile.

Kislev Army Guide List

Tzarina KatarinWizardMelee
Boris UrsusHaldberd InfantryMelee
Ice Witch (Tempest)WizardMelee
BoyarAxe InfantryMelee
Frost Maiden (Ice)WizardMelee
KossarsBow & Axe InfantryMelee/Ranged
Kossars(Spears)Missile & Spear InfantryMelee/Ranged
Armoured KossarsPistol & Axe InfantryMelee/Ranged
Armoured Kossars (Great Weapons)Pistol & Greatmace InfantryMelee/Ranged
Tzar GuardSword InfantryMelee
Tzar Guard (Great Weapons)Greatsword InfantryMelee
StreltsiGun-Greataxe InfantryMelee/Ranged
Ice Guards(Swords)Bow & Dual Sword InfantryMelee/Ranged
Ice Guards(Glaives)Blow & Glaive InfantryMelee/Ranged
Cavalry & ChariotsClassAttack
Kossovite DervishesCavalryMelee
Horse ArchersMissile CalvaryMelee/Ranged
Winged LancersShock CavalryMelee
Gryphon LegionShock CavalryMelee
War Bear RidersBear CavalryMelee
Light War SledsMissile SledMelee/Ranged
Heavy War SledsMissile SledMelee/Ranged
Cat,Bear & GromClassAttack
Snow LeopardWar BeastMelee
Elemental BearMonsterMelee
Little GromSiege ArtileryRanged

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