Warframe: Tellurium Farm 2022

Published: 30 Apr 2022
Head over to these locations to farm Tellurium in Warframe!

There are plenty of resources that players need to collect in the world of Warframe and one of them is a precious rare metal called Tellurium. In this guide, we will tell you all the locations of the Tellurium metal in the game.

Warframe: Tellurium Farm 2022

Tellurium is a rare metal that is used for crafting some expensive gears and items like Warframes, Acrhwing, Weapons etc. You will find these precious metals within asteroids and deep space rocks

You will find it in Archwing missions where you need to fly around and kill enemies which can be satisfying but the drop chances of getting Tellurium are pretty low.

The recommended way to farm Tellurium is by playing normal ground missions. Any symbol that has the Archwing symbol can be a great way to obtain the rare resource.

The best missions to collect Tellurium are Ophelia’s survival on Uranus and Capture Nodes Tamu on Kuva Fortress.

By completing these missions you will be able to grab around 2 Telluriums within 10 minutes without using any resource booster. Since the resource does not have its own deposit nor does it drop from crates, your only chance at obtaining it is by killing the enemies in the game.

It is recommended that you take your friends along with you while playing these resources so you can get more kills and increase your chances of obtaining them.

By using a double resource drop chance booster and double resource booster, you will be able to significantly improve your chances of getting your hands on this shiny red metal.

Another way of increasing your chances is to equip a Warframe with an augment that helps you boost your loot drops such as Nekros, Khora, Hydroid, Atlas, Ivara etc.

That’s it, now go ahead and farm this rare metal to upgrade your expensive gear in the game!