War Thunder: What Is The Fastest Plane?

War Thunder is a great vehicular video-game that simulates wars with vehicles. Here you have a different variety of vehicles such as tanks, trucks, and even planes. Back in the day there were a ton of planes that soldiers used that were also simulated in War Thunder.

In this guide, you will see which plane is the fastest in War Thunder.

What Is The Fastest Plane?

War thunder states that there are a total of 2000 highly detailed aircrafts, helicopters, tanks, and even warships.

Of these 2000 vehicles, there is only ONE plane which is the fastest.

The fastest plane in War Thunder currently is Dornier Do 335 “Pfeil” which is the fastest-driven propeller by the US.

Do note that the fastest plane is not always the best in War Thunder, sometimes being the fastest can get you destroyed immediately as they weigh less than others and can be eliminated in just one or two shots.

But being the fastest has its advantages as you can fly away from enemies pretty quickly or try to eliminate a target in a quick shot.

We hope that this guide has helped you figure out which is the fastest plane in War Thunder. Now go out there and show them who the true pilot is!