War Thunder: How To Share Replays

War Thunder is full of bombastic action with tanks, planes and battleships.

Throughout your time playing, you will surely perform an amazing play that you want to record and share.

Such as taking down three tanks with one shot or winning a firefight in the sky.

These replays can be accessed in the main menu and downloaded as a file that you can share with your friends.

Check down below to learn more on how to share your replays in War Thunder!

How To Share Replays – War Thunder

On the upper left of your screen is the Community tab. Clicking it will show a dropdown menu where you can select “Replays”.

This will show you a list of recordings of your previous games. You can rename any of these replays to make them more recognizable.

Next you can go to the War Thunder folder on your PC. The files you are looking for can be found in the “Replays” folder.

They will be saved as .wrpl files, which can only be opened in War Thunder itself.

You can now send these files to your friends through any file sharing medium such as email or Google Drive and then they can open it in their War Thunder client.

Don’t forget to give them a timestamp of when your epic moment happened so they don’t miss your glory!