War Thunder: How To Add Friends

In War Thunder, you are a soldier who fights for his country against opposing teams. In this game, you can play alone, but alone is not always the best choice as you can get attacked by different units at once. Invite a friend or two to keep you company and both of you together need to go out there and demolish everyone!

In this guide, you will learn how you can invite friends in War Thunder.

How To Add Friends

First off, you need to be in the main menu of War Thunder, or the lobby to be exact. Once there, go to the bottom left side of the screen where you will see a small person icon. Click on that icon to open up your list of contacts.

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Once that has been opened, you can search the name of each contact in the window that pops up. Here you simply need to write down the exact name of the friend you want to invite or add to your contacts and just press enter to perform a global search.

And there you have it gamers, that is how you can add friends in War Thunder!