War Thunder: How Many Bombs To Destroy A Base?

January 24, 2023
Time to see how many bombs you need to use in order to destroy a base in War Thunder.

In War Thunder you can play as a tank, as a faster vehicle, and even as a plane that can fire bombs to destroy different opposing vehicles and sometimes bases. Some players are still not aware of how many bombs it would require for a base to be fully destroyed, that’s why we are here to help and show you how much you need to prepare yourself to obliterate a base in War Thunder.

In this guide, you will see how many bombs it requires you to destroy a base in War Thunder.

How Many Bombs To Destroy A Base?

There are different maps in war thunder. Some where bases get destroyed and stay destroyed, and there are other maps where you can destroy a base and they will re-spawn.

As a ground unit or an air unit, you need about 3 bombs which are enough to destroy one base. If these bases are re-spawning, you will need to equip at least 6 bombs to ensure a victory.

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There are also different types of bombs that have a different amounts of weight on them. You can also go with the following bomb types:

  • 3x1000lbs
  • 8x500lbs

If you want to pack more damage to at least one base, it’s suggested that you take the 1000lbs bombs.

But if there are bases and vehicles at the same time, try to take the 8 500lbs bombs to make sure you clear more.