Victoria 3: Goods And Resources Guide

October 26, 2022
Let’s learn about Goods and Resources in Victoria 3!

Victoria 3 is a newly released strategy game in which you are going to build your ideal society of the 19th century. Alone or together with your friends, you can lead your nation to reform your government and constitution, and research transformative technologies or ideas to improve your national situation. To do all this successfully, your responsibility is to share Goods and Resources with your people of the nation in order to become more productive.

In this guide, you can learn everything about Goods and Resources in Victoria 3!

Goods And Resources Guide – Victoria 3

There are exactly four types of Goods in Victoria 3:

  • Staple
  • Industrial
  • Luxury
  • Military

These goods are used to feed your population, fuel your economy, enrich your people, equip your military and give you life-ruining addictions.

The most important use of the goods is for meeting your population’s needs. Each of the populations has various needs and they have to be fulfilled by buying these goods.

The benefit of getting the goods is that your population will become wealthier which leads to better productivity, and also will become more loyal to the government.

Sometimes, they would also demand more luxurious goods, and if they are not able to fulfill their needs, then they will become unproductive and radicalized. They might have lower expectations which will bring them back easier in their good graces.

Certain goods do get treated a little differently by the population like being substitutable in the case of basic foods or being more or less likely to purchase them if it’s a cultural taboo or an obsession.

As it is known the British are obsessed with Tea, the Chinese are obsessed with Opium, and the Arabs have a taboo against alcohol.

Another very important use of your goods is to supply your buildings as input goods, and then can be easily turned into output goods.

For the alleged good of its people, the government also consumes goods through government buildings.

In fact, in all of the supply chains, the very first goods you will get from your states, and each state has Arable Land and Resource Potential.

Arable Land is showing the maximum amount of agriculture that one state can handle. The Resource Potentials will determine what and how much of each natural resource can be extracted.

For example, if you need to produce coal, that can be only done in the state with the coal as a resource potential, and there is a limit to how much you can produce.

You have access to discover some other resources such as gold, oil, and rubber in your provinces which later will be added as Resource Potentials.

These resources have a low chance of finding and gathering, but there are certain technologies that can increase the chance of finding them.

These technologies will help you find exactly where to look for each goods’ Resource potentials, where it can be produced, and also where it’s being consumed.

There are some goods that can be found only on a specific area, but only the most basic goods can be produced from your states.