Veiled Experts: Best Agents List

Published: 10 Jun 2022
Check out this guide to see which the best agents for Veiled Experts are.

Veiled Experts is a shooter team-death match game where you can choose between different agents and fight against opponents to win a battle. You can play this game in either first-person POV or third-person POV. There are some agents which are better than others, it’s up to you to make the right choice!

This guide will show you the best agents you can use in Veiled Experts.

Veiled Experts: Best Agents List


This gent has a great ability called Infighter which allows you to recover 1 health point for every single hit you do to an enemy. Shotguns will recover HP with each bullet they hit.

Another ability that this character comes with is Reina in Charge. This ability allows Luna to enter a transfer state to restore 40 HP and increase movement speed for 10 seconds when health falls to 30% or lower.

A great agent that relies on self-heal and increased movement speed. With her you will have a much greater chance of surviving in the battlefield.

The best weapon choice for this agent would be the Vaccine Shot, this weapon allows you to restore 20 HP when your health drops below 80%.

With that specific weapon chosen, you can choose 2 more weapons that will cost you only 1 weapon point each.

The next weapons to choose for Luna are Emergency Evacuation and the last weapon choice is optional, find which one suits you best.


This agent is specialized in resisting explosive damage, he comes with the next two exclusive leptons, which are:

  • Rescue Specialization – Reviving an ally takes less time, and the ally revives at full health
  • Best Supplies – Explosive damage such as frag grenade and melee attack damage will be reduced by 40%, restored 10 health continuously for 3 seconds, and increased by 20% movement speed.

Grenades will be common in this game, meaning that chances of you being hit are high. This is where Tyrone takes place and survives most of the explosive attacks.

Here are the weapons that you can use for Tyrone:

  • Explosion Resistance (+10% Explosion Resistance)
  • Hoop Rolling (+30% damage resistance while rolling)
  • Emergency Evacuation (+20% movement speed when HP is under 80%)


Nicki is an Agent that is based around self-healing and self-reviving. This agent has proven to have the highest KD ratio amongst all other agents.

Her two leptons are Cybernetic Heart Recharge and Cybernetic Heart Acceleration.

The Cybernetic Heart Recharge allows you to hold F while incapacitated to self-revive, this skill has a 180-second cooldown.

The Cybernetic Heart Acceleration recovers 80 HP over 8 seconds upon reviving from incapacitation.

Once you get up for a fight again, simply replace your armor plates as fast as you can and you are good to go.

The weapons that you can choose for Nicki are also focused on self-reviving and getting extra buffs.

The first weapon to add to this agent is Avatar of Vengeance. This weapon will reveal all enemy locations when you get revived. A helpful tool for the whole team.

The second weapon for Nicki is Compensation, when you get incapacitated, you can get anywhere from 100-500 coins. You can use it only once per round. A great money farming trick.

The last one is optional, find which one will suit you best and apply it on Nicki.

Now you know which of the agents are the best in Veiled Experts.