Vampire Survivors: How To Reset Your Progress

October 26, 2022
Sometimes you just want to start over fresh.

So you want to reset your progress in Vampire Survivors? Perhaps you made one wrong choice that is now irreversible or maybe you just want to replay the game equipped with the knowledge you have acquired in your previous playthrough.

While losing your progress altogether remains a nightmare for most gamers today, there are just some instances where you believe its best that you just start over from scratch. Well, whatever your reason may be, good for you, we are here to show you how to do just that in this particular game.

In this guide, we will be showing you how to reset your progress in Vampire Survivors.

How to Reset Your Progress – Vampire Survivors

To reset your progress in Vampire Survivors you would have to navigate through a series of menus and folders.

Admittedly, the process can get quite confusing but we’d try our best to give it to you as clear as can be. Here is how you do it:

On Steam, right-click on Vampire Survivors and go to properties. There, turn off the Steam Cloud feature, this keeps your game save files in the cloud.

After disabling Steam Cloud, right-click on the game again and this time choose ‘Browse Local Files.’ This will open up your Vampire Survivors file directory.

Go to resources > app > .webpack > renderer. There you should see your save games. Refer to the image above to see if you are within the same file folder.

Since you’re here to reset your progress, delete the save files found in the folder. Take note that these are just backups; you still need to delete some files where your actual save is coming from.

After all that, go now to Users > (your username) > AppData > Roaming. There you should see a folder for Vampire Survivors. See the image above to know if you are in the right place.

Delete the folder to reset your progress with the game.

Boot up the game now and see whether or not the process worked for you. You should see that your whole progress has reset.

There you have it! That is how you reset your progress in Vampire Survivors. Now you can reset your progress in the game whenever you want.