Valorant: Ultimate Pearl Map Guide (All Map Interactions & OP Tricks)

With the launch of Episode 5, Act 1, players got a new map called Pearl which is replacing Split. This map is much bigger than Split and it is attack-oriented with its sharp angles and small areas. Like any other map, there is a lot to learn about this new map. It has its own layouts, callouts, and also is offering unique strategies that players have to know.

In this guide, we will show you the Ultimate Pearl Map – All Map Interactions & OP Tricks in Valorant!

Valorant: Ultimate Pearl Map Guide (All Map Interactions & OP Tricks)

Attacker’s Side

Starting on its attacker’s side spawn, we’re going to head on the furthest left towards the B side. Once you enter the next room, it is called Mid-Shops.

This area has a barrier and you should come here before the barrier drops. You can choose a jet and do some normal jumps on the boxes in front of the barrier.

If you head furthest left, you will enter the mid club which is also blocked by the barrier and there is nothing such as some objects while you’re waiting for the barrier to drop.

Restarting from the attacker’s side spawns if you head through the second furthest right, you will enter the area called mid-top. It’s because you can look over mid with an elevated height.

The very furthest right enters the attacker’s side spawn into a restaurant. It has a double box where you can get on only with jump ability.

There is not a full cover in this area, but you get a little bit of tight peaks.

As the barrier drops, attackers can push aggressively through the furthest right side of the club.

There are many objects which you can hide behind but you have to know that they can shoot straight through. Those are basically the wooden boxes and burels, and some parts of the walls.

If you are pushing through the club area, you will enter the B ramp area which has its own variables. It has an extremely long side view where you can hide and peek or slam up to the ramp. Take a note that the ramp is not the best cover because it can be shoot through.

As you push down the B ramp, it gets a little more complicated because you might be trying to clear the high sight lines, because there are plenty of areas to hide.

If you continue to push through, you will enter the B Site. Here you’re going to clear a couple of things like the hall on the left side where the defenders can be hiding.

At the planting area, you have enough objects that will cover and protect you which are not shot through, and here is where the attacker’s side ends from the furthest right.

If you go down to the B Mid Shops, you will come to a little half doorway that will allow you to sneak and clear the area.

Then you can enter Mid Plaza. This area connects to basically every part of the map. Mid Plaza itself has some elevations which are a little bit open but still can work.

From here you can push to the B Side where you have to pass through the left double doors or mid doors labeled on the map.

As you enter the mid doors area, there are a lot of things to be careful of. There are plenty of boxes and obstacles that you have to clear, and also some tunnel passages that connect directly to defenders’ spawn.

If you pass through the Mid Gate, as a high-risk area on every map, you will get a lot of power over B Site if your team has pushed through the other side. Like this, you can getmid-clearr and double push with your team.

Cutting from spawn, if you head over to the furthest right at the A Restaurant area you have a very long sight line, and also there are enough obstacles where you can hide, a small little ramp, and multiple elevations.

Another thing that you have to be careful of in this area is all the corners that are around the walls.

After you push through A-Main, again there will be a lot of little corners that you have to watch. From here you will enter A Site. Here you will find very deep corners which are very open. In the middle is an object that can cover you and also hide from the enemies.

If you are planting on A Site, you have to be very careful because it is actually very open from every single side.

The most tricky planting in this area is on the edge of the stairs, where you can hide behind the wall and wait for someone to come for the bomb. But has to be careful because the wall around you is shot through.

The last side for attackers to push is through the mid-top where you come into the plaza, which is an area that connects all the areas on the map.

If you are attacking A Side from here, you have to be careful from the corners, and the plenty of boxes and obstacles that can be used as a hiding area.

This area is called A Art where you can push through and come to the next area called A Link.

It is called A Link because it links the areas together. You can head to the right which will bring you directly to the A-Side, or if you choose the left passage, it will link you to the other side of mid.

Defender’s Side

At the beginning of the defender’s side, you can notice signs that show you the A and B sides.

Starting from the furthest left, defenders is obviously much easier, because as you enter defenders you’re straight on site. You can set up what you need to on site.

From here you can go to A Link which will link you to the next A-Art area where the barrier is on. Also through the A Link, you can come directly to the Mid Doors area, where you can continue to the Mid Plaza.

It is quite simple, and obviously, it is the same as the attacker’s side. Have to be careful on the corners while passing through the areas and be aware of attacks behind the boxes because there is always someone sneaking behind them.

The last you need to know about this map is something that is exclusive to defenders.

Defenders have the option to go up through a tunnel which is called B Tower, it is literally a tower to defend B Site. What makes this special is that for any agent without movement abilities, once they drop down from the tower, they won’t be able to go back.

You will have to head through the spawn of the defenders and come again in the entrance of the tower.

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