Valorant Tips And Tricks: A Beginner’s Guide To Your First Victory

Valorant is one of the biggest first-person shooter games in the world right now. Valorant is Riot Games’ newest shooter. Unlike Call of Duty or Overwatch, Valorant is a tactical shooter, closer to Counter-Strike. This means that accuracy is key, teamwork is critical, and every bullet has the potential to be lethal. There are tons of agents, abilities, and weapon combinations to play within Valorant.

In this guide, we will show you Tips and Tricks For Your First Victory in Valorant!

Valorant Tips And Tricks: A Beginner’s Guide To Your First Victory


This is what you’ll spend the majority of your time doing in this game and hopefully you’ll spend more time shooting others, than getting shot, but either way, understanding the mechanics of the game is incredibly important.

  1. Aim to the Head – One of the first things you want to get in the habit of doing is learning to aim higher, headshots in this game are deadly, and learning to aim at head level for most of your engagements will oftentimes allow you to instantly kill your opponents depending on the weapon that you have.
  • Pre-Aiming – This also goes hand-in-hand with pre-aiming, learning where to aim before even before peaking a corner. When you start to learn the game more and you will know the maps, and when you will learn where the people will be, you will be able to pre-aim the corners when you’re moving around. This tactic is not only for Valorant, but this is a general FPS tactic.
  • Move Slowly – It’s also important in game like this to slow down your play style. Try to move slow around the map, and when you are in engagement you need to think fast, but when it comes to actually moving, you don’t want to be sprinting around the map, because when you are at running speed, your aim is not accurate.
  • Spray Patterns – Weapons have spray patterns, which is a learnable spray pattern with minor orange spread towards the end of it. If you get into the habit of holding down the fire, then understanding these spray patterns is integral to mastering that weapon.
  • Single Taps – This is a method of firing out single shots because that of course will maximize your accuracy and then should give you some better results in your early engagements.


  1. Listen For Footsteps – Footsteps in this game are huge, you can hear them very noticeably whenever you’re moving on the map and similarly if you’re running yourself, the other team can also hear you.
  • Shift Walking – Shift walking or crouch walking will remove your footsteps completely which means you can move around the map stealthily. Additionally, crouching in itself is a very useful tactic.
  • Learn to B-Hop – B-hopping is something you will probably want to try. This is actually a movement trick you can learn to move slightly faster because if you take someone like Sage who throws ice on the ground and can heavily slow your movement, learning to b-hop will actually allow you to move across that ice quicker.


Games in Valorant work around two main phases, attacking phases and defending phases. When you are on the attacking side, one person on your will carry a bomb or a spike and it has to be placed on the points, then you need to defend it until the spike explodes.

It is also very important to communicate with your team when you can or just pay attention to where your team is moving.


When it comes to defending, much like attacking, there are various of different strategies you can use. The most important thing while defending is to stop people from planting the spike, or even if they plant the spike, then you need to defuse it before it explodes.

Defending involves holding both points simultaneously. Some maps have three points a, b, and c, meanwhile others just have two.

The main thing you have to focus on as a defender is ensuring that all points are covered and he is lined up because it gives the attackers the opportunity to sneak in, plant the spike, and an easy win.


Whenever comes to the beginning of a round, you have the option to buy your weapon, buy the abilities that you want for that given round, and of course, as you play, as you get kills, as you complete rounds, you will get more currency.

Never rush to buy everything at once. Typically, for round 1, all you’ll be buying is a pistol and maybe some armor. Learning what an economy round is very important for working with your team.


The last thing is positioning. Ultimately, this is important in pretty much any shooter, but when you’re defending, you need to not be predictable in the way that you defend, and also the same thing goes for when you’re peaking around the corners

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