VALORANT: Incoming Night Market

Published: 17 May 2022
The new Night Market in VALORANT is almost here!

VALORANT is a game that has a plethora of great-looking skins and with that comes the Night Market. The Night Market is a monthly event in VALORANT, a way to treat the community with a good discount. The Night Market usually comes with no pre-warning of the event so there’s a lot of hype every time it drops.

Here’s What to expect from the Night Market.

VALORANT: Incoming Night Market

The Night Market is a monthly event in VALORANT that gives players a well-deserved discount on skins. There is no way of predetermining the skins that you will receive but there are guaranteed six skins each for a different weapon.

You can receive every kind of skin except for the skins that are classified as Ultra Edition skins.

You can also trade in two skins that you don’t use to receive a bigger discount.

To access the Night Market, you will need to click on the Night Market prompt on the left-hand side of the screen, after which you will enter the Night Market where you will get six cards that you need to press in order to reveal the discounted skins.

The skins you receive can not be rerolled or changed at all. What you receive is what you can buy everyone gets a different offer so it all comes down to luck.

The Night Market goes live on 05.18.2022!!!