Valorant: How to Win More Aim Duels [In-Depth Gunfight Guide]

October 25, 2022
Dominate one-on-ones in Valorant by following this guide!

This might surprise you but winning a duel in Valorant isn’t all about pointing your gun at an opponent’s head and then clicking right after. Admittedly, it is a significant part of defeating an enemy in a one-on-one setting, but you may also want to consider other aspects to be the last ones standing. This includes clever positioning, knowing when to back off and reset, and crosshair placements.

In this guide, we will be showing you how to win more aim duels in Valorant. Here are the things you can improve on other than your aim to win most of your one-on-ones.

How to Win More Aim Duels

Not just because you have a high headshot rate on Aimlabs and other practice ranges do not necessarily mean that you are now superior on duels. There are many aspects to one-on-ones and several moving parts that ultimately determine which is ahead of whom.

Follow these steps and surely your win rate should jump right up:

Pay close attention to your positioning

To win one-on-ones in Valorant is to always be on the move and be mindful of your general positioning. It is never a good idea to rush at a given point recklessly no matter how confident you are with your aim.

More often than not, players lose matches solely due to their predictable angles which more skilled opponents would always pay attention to.

Take full advantage of the off-angles on the map. Learn the corners, the ideal hiding spots, and the clever angles of every map in the game.

Know when to retreat and reset

Fighting to the death isn’t always the best option. Higher-skilled players know how to assess any given situation. They understand when to retreat and reset their attack.

If you mess up your opportunity to kill your enemy, do not be afraid to back off and hide momentarily to reset and try to execute another play.

Always remember that even though offensive capabilities are indeed important to win matches, so too is the defensive side of things. Use your agent’s skills in both offensive and defensive settings and surely you’d win more games.

Be mindful of your crosshair placement

Even outside firefights, you need to pay attention to where you are aiming with your crosshair. It is ideal to always keep your crosshairs on the very edge of a given corner you are currently watching at a head level.

You certainly don’t want your crosshair to be far from the edges of a cover or a wall when an opponent suddenly peeks, otherwise, you won’t have the opportunity to take the split-second decision to take them down or at the very least deal serious damage to them.

Practice pre-aiming angles and lie in wait for an enemy to pop their heads around a corner.

Improve your reaction time

Generally speaking, a player’s reaction time significantly affects how well they do in games, most especially in first-person competitive shooting games, such as Valorant.

To win more games is to be faster than your enemy in every aspect imaginable. You cannot afford to have a slow reaction time in shooter games.

Hone your reaction time by shooting at moving targets in Aimlabs instead of practicing on stationary targets. Shooting moving targets sharpens your peripheral vision and allows you to focus better. Not only that, but it also simulates real match settings.

There you have it! Integrate all the things we have said above in all your matches and expect to do better in one-on-ones.