Valorant: How to Use Sprays

Published: 5 May 2022
Check out How to Use Sprays in Valorant!

It is very similar to the other competitive FPS games like CS:GO or Overwatch, to spray graffiti around the map with only a single button. You can make every surface in Valorant look even cooler with the various sprays and make yourself noticeable. There are so many types of graffiti that you can choose from and use them as your specific spray.

In this guide, we will show you How to Use Sprays in Valorant!

Valorant: How to Use Sprays

It is so simple to use your spray where ever you are located around the map. It requires only one click on “T” button which is set by default. If you want to spray on a more readily accessible key, you can change the button in your game settings menu.

Simply go to the Controls tab, then click Equipment, and scroll to the bottom where you will notice the command “Use Spray”. Select on it and set any key that you desire, just make sure that key isn’t already in use.

The other amazing feature about the sprays is that you can customize your sprays for the different times of the round. In the beginning, you can use one specific spray, while before the end you can switch to another, even cooler spray.

And that is how you can use and modify sprays in Valorant!