Valorant: How To Fix Error VAL 51 “There Was An Error Connecting To The Platform”

Published: 6 May 2022
Let’s find out How to Fix Error VAL 51 “There Was an Error Connecting To The Platform” in Valorant!

Having problems connecting to the platform of Valorant become a common issue with many players. It is getting so frustrating when you can’t join the party and play the game together with your friends. Mostly, this error appears because of the Riot servers, and actually, there is nothing to worry about because we have already a few methods how to fix this problem.

In this guide, we will show you How to Fix Error VAL 51 “There Was an Error Connecting To The Platform” in Valorant!

Valorant: How To Fix Error VAL 51 “There Was An Error Connecting To The Platform”

When the error code strikes, the Riot Client acts up and Valorant refuses to let you load up a game. Error code Val 51 in Valorant is usually caused by the Riot Client and not by the game itself.

Here are some of the best methods that you can try to fix this error.

Restart the computer and relaunch Valorant

Your primary approach when dialing with errors involving games should be to restart the computer. In most cases, it’s a trivial bug behind the problem, and a simple reboot will eliminate it.

Once done, check if that fixes the VAL 51 error code.

Check server status

Another likely reason for the VAL 51 error code in Valorant is the issues with the server. To identify if that’s causing the problem in your case, check the official Valorant website for any updates.

Also, you can check with your friends or on gaming communities that exist on Internet. If there’s a problem with the servers and you wouldn’t be the only one facing the error.

In case the servers are working fine, head to the next method to fix VAL 51 error code.

Check Secure Boot State (only Windows 11)

Press Windows key, then type “system information” and press Enter.

Search for Secure Boot State and see if it’s on.

If not, just turn it on and check if the error is fixed.

Check your internet connection

Riot Client needs to connect with the server to be able to launch and let you play Valorant. It needs to have a good internet connection. Make sure that your internet connection is working fine by speed testing it.

If your internet connection is good, restart your PC and launch the Riot Client again.

Terminate all Riot processes and restart the client

Open Task Manager on your PC and end all the processes in the name of Riot Client, Valorant, Vanguard, etc.

Then, relaunch the Riot Client which starts all the processes automatically.

See if it has fixed the issue.

Restart the VGC service

Press Windows key, then type servicer and launch the Services App.

Scroll down and locate the VGC, right-click on VGC and select properties.

Go to Startup types and select “Disabled”. Hit Apply and Ok.

Right-click on VGC again and click properties. Go to Startup type and this time, select Automatic. Then double-click on VGC and hit the Start button to launch the service.

Once the VGC service is up and running, try to launch a new party to see if the feature is now available.

Use a VPN or different network

A VPN lets you bypass error 51 in Valorant. While this is not a perfect fix, you can use this method especially if you already installed a VPN tool on your computer.

If you won’t use VPN services, we recommend getting a free one.

Update Riot Client and Valorant

Check if there are any updates pending for Riot Client or Valorant and install them. If there are no updates available and the issue is not fixed, uninstall the game, and reinstall it.

Anyone of the above methods should help you fix the Valorant error, if not, contact the Riot Games, support team.