Valorant: How To Find Your Perfect Crosshair

October 24, 2022
Time to find the perfect crosshair for Valorant.

Valorant is a great FPS game where you need to have some set of skills if you want to perform well. Sometimes, some players have figured out that you can change your crosshair which will improve your aiming and overall scoring to be much greater.

This guide will show you how to find the perfect crosshair for your Valorant games.

How To Find Your Perfect Crosshair – Valorant

When it comes to picking a crosshair for your games, it all depends on how you like it and how you will perform in each game.

I strongly recommend that you go to the training grounds in Valorant and begin shooting at targets with various crosshairs. That one crosshair that suit you the best will definitely be worth keeping.

Many players recommend to keep your crosshair plain and simple. Some even use a single dot as a crosshair and it still improves their game.

Try to have a simple X or a + sign crosshair in order to perform better. You can always mess around with the color of the cross hair, if it moves outwards or not, the fade and stiffness of it.

And after a while, you will notice which crosshair will suit you best, keep that one and continue storming through Valorant games!