Valorant: How To Dominate As Chamber [All Maps Guide]

Valorant is known for having one of the greatest mechanics for players who like to have characters with abilities and do some special tricks in the battlefield. Each map in Valorant is different from each other and that gives all players an advantage of their opponents. Knowing what character to play on a specific map is that advantage. Chamber is a great character that can be learned and fields with this character will be dominated.

This guide will show you how to dominate as Chamber in all maps in Valorant.

How To Dominate As Chamber [All Maps Guide]


With Chamber you can play both defensive and offensive. This can depend on how your teammates play and how you want to play. At A point, you can set up a teleport at A main and set that teleport back at the entrance of A point.

This will allow you to have an early game fight, and also allow you to pull back whenever things get spicy.

On B Site, you can do the same thing here as well, the only problem is that at B site, you are more vulnerable to flashes and fogs. It’s not recommended too much to stay on B site with Chamber.


Bind is one of the strongest maps for Chamber. On A site, you can set up a TP on top of the truck and at Haven just to be able to keep an eye on all 3 sides if enemies decide to come, or if teammates need help.

You can also set two teleports at the corner of A and B. Make sure to set them up as close as possible if you want to keep track on both sites at one time.

At B site, put 1 teleport in Long and another at elbow to secure all 3 sides where enemies can come from.


On breeze, you can set up your teleport on 4 different areas if you want. 2 for A site, or 2 for B site. Here are the best areas where you can set up teleports.

On A site, you are basically setting two teleports on the two entrances from the side, you are able to peek at the middle on whichever point you like.

At B Site, you can set up your teleports on the two corners of the site itself, this way you can bounce around teleports and switch defensive areas. And it also gives you access to all entrances towards B site, you can see everyone.


Fracture is a map that will be changed in the upcoming patch of Valorant. Although, for the mean time, you can set your teleport to these locations if you like to get some good performance.

Here both on A site and B site, you will be able to look at all entrances where opponents may come from, and also you have a lot of other objects that you can hide behind with if you need a reload or some time for an ability.


Haven is slightly interesting as it has 3 different bomb sites. A, B, and C. On the image presented below, you can find which areas will suit Chamber best to set up teleports for each bomb site. These areas will allow you to be agile and keep you alive for a longer period of time due to the objects around you.


Here are the 4 different spots marked on the map where you can set up 2 teleports for each bomb site. On A site, you can set up these teleports to have great peek points at opponents and headshot easily due to the high grounds you have.

On B site, you can place them at top site and yellow. Here you can have an advantage over the opponents by standing at yellow and attacking, if the opponents move, you can go to top site and finish them off from there.


At Pearl, Chamber performs best on B site. He will not work pretty well on A site due to more open areas that there are. Opponents at A site can come from various angles and finish you off.

On B site, you only have two areas that you can watch out for and set the perfect teleports. Set the teleports on the two sides of the map and you will be good to go to safely guard B site and kill anyone that comes in your way.

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