Valorant: Best Agents To Play As Duo

May 4, 2022
Check out the best duo for winning games in Valorant!

Valorant is a team deathmatch first-person shooter that requires you and your teammates to strategize your following moves and make the best combo for winning a game. Having the best possible agents for a duo match is key to winning games.

This guide will show you the best duo that you can play to win games in Valorant.

Valorant: Best Agents To Play As Duo

Kay/O & Reyna

These two characters bind perfectly together because they both play on the same axis. Their battle of mechanics and gunplay is perfect and is the main strategy for winning games.

Kay/O removes abilities from enemies and has flashes that give him the ability to take on aggressive duels where there are no abilities and only gunfire.

Reyna gets a lot of mobility rewards and skill buffs with every single kill that she makes.

These two players can combine their flashes perfectly and stun enemies for a longer period.

Their ultimate abilities combine perfectly together as they get a lot of weapon buffs, meaning that they can spray through groups of enemies where there is a smoke or a flash.

Astra & Killjoy

These two characters have the most powerful abilities in the whole game. Making their defense unbeatable.

A great combination that you can do with these two characters is to combine a Nanoswarm with a Gravity Wall to pull enemies into 1 area with the Gravity Wall and kill them with the Nanoswarm.

Rushing enemies can be shut down quickly just from these two abilities.

This group goes perfectly together for having great crowd control.

Breach & Jett

Jett is a pretty aggressive champion that can dash into a group of enemies and kill them much quicker than others. Breach on the other hand is helpful in that situation with her flashes and lineups.

Simply, you will want to combine a flash & dash combo with these two characters.

Breach also has the ability to check a lot of points much quicker and gives Jett a safer area to scan and kill enemies.