V Rising: Ungora The Spider Queen Location

V Rising is attracting its fans in the realm of vampires. In the huge world of Vardoran, every lord must fight to survive. The game offers many unique items and powerful skills that you can achieve during the progress of the game. The best way to upgrade your lord fast is to farm bosses, known as V Blood Carriers. Defeating those bosses will grant you rare items such as weapons and gear, and most importantly a powerful skill.

In this guide, we will show you Ungora The Spider Queen Location in V Rising!

V Rising: Ungora The Spider Queen Location

In order to find Ungora The Spider Queen, you have to use the Blood Altar to track this V Blood Carrier.

This Spider Queen is located in the twisted, web-woven depths of Cursed Forest’s winding caverns. To get to the location you might use your horse mount to for faster travel.

Ungora the Spider Queen is a tough level 60 boss which might take you a while to defeat her. Make sure to have equipped your best gear and level up your character to be able to defeat this V Blood Carrier without an issue.

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