V Rising: Ultimate Castle Guide

Published: 23 May 2022
Time to see how castles work and how to be the best in building them in V Rising!

Castles in V Rising are one of the most essential things in the game. The castle is the place where you spawn, re-spawn, and upgrade your character. The castle is needed for creating buildings that will help you progress much further in the game and even help you obtain higher quality materials and resources for your character. There is a great raiding system implemented in V Rising which will come great if you want to PVP.

This guide will show you all you need to know about castles in V Rising.

V Rising: Ultimate Castle Guide

When you start the game, the first and most important thing which you must do is find a perfect area to create a castle where you are going to begin the game progression.

A perfect area for a castle would be a place where there is only one or two entrances to your area. Most people suggest building your castle in corners. That way you’re going to have two spots less to worry about being attacked.

Once you have found the perfect place for your castle, you must build the Castle Heart which is the main build for the whole game. The Castle Heart is the build that is going to keep re-spawning you, keep your castle protected, and keep upgrading things.

Also make sure to have found a better percentage building area, this will determine if you can expand your castle greatly.

After you’ve placed the heart, it will now function. To begin working with the castle heart, you are going to begin building borders around it which will be the claimed buildable area for your character. No other characters will be able to build in your claimed land.

With all the borders placed, the heart will begin to function and the wooden age of building will begin.

The wooden age is where you are going to collect lumber from trees and begin building the first walls for your castle out of wood.

Remember that you’re going to need to collect blood essence to continue building. Blood essence can be collected by drinking blood from humans or any living creature.

After you have the basics set up, place the rest of the needed essential items such as coffins, stash areas, workbench and try to get a blood press and a Blood Altar as fast as possible.

Once you have expanded the castle walls enough and have built the essential objects, it’s time to use the blood altar and begin learning new recipes and unique builds. As you progress through killing bosses, these recipes will unlock upgraded builds that are going to progress your character much further.

Raiding is also a thing in this game, you will need to set up servants and protection around your castle to make sure no other enemies will attack your castle and steal your loot. Raiding is only available in PVP.