V Rising: Top 10 Things to Do First

May 18, 2022
It’s important to know some tips & tricks before jumping into a situation.

V Rising is a game where there are a lot of things that you need to think about. Building bases, creating and improving your character are essentials. When someone starts a game, they tend to not read out what some items mean and it will lead to total game progression failure. It’s always great to know some good things beforehand that will surely make your V Rising gaming experience much better.

This guide will show you some beginner tips and tricks that you can use for V Rising.

V Rising: Top 10 Things to Do First

Pick the Perfect Base Spot

As you get out of the tutorial, the first and most important thing to do in the game is to begin building your castle. The Castle will be the most important part of the game and it is where you will re-spawn, upgrade your items, and even research great things.

You can begin building your castle by placing down the Castle Heart first.

Castles can be built and perform very well on flat surfaces. Areas, where there is water, are automatically a block in the game due to the fact that you cannot swim or use any of that water.

Use the environment and try to place your base in a corner, that way enemies will only be able to attack you from two sides. When enemies only attack you from two sides, you don’t need to worry about two additional walls.

Mist Braziers

When you start the game and build a castle you will not have a roof that will make shade inside the castle. You as a character are a vampire. Sun is damaging vampires, meaning that at the start of the game you will have difficulties getting around things when the sun is everywhere.

When you start the game, try rushing to build a Mist Brazier. Mist Braziers are low cost objects that you can place around your castle or your working area which will provide shade. This will save you from any incoming sun damage.

These Mist Braziers consume 1 bone per minute, which is good because bones can be found commonly in the game.

You can also toggle this object off or on depending on how the weather is.

Keep Gathering Resources

Anything that you come across in this game will be needed. This is a survival game and most of the things that you harvest or collect will be needed for surviving.  Lumber, Stone, Ore, Animal Hide and bones are some of the essentials that you need to collect as much as possible.

These main important resources will be needed for you to repair your equipment and upgrade your base builds.

Upgrade to Copper ASAP

Upgrading your weapons and tools to copper as fast as possible is key in this game. With copper equipment unlocked, you will automatically unlock a variety of other crafting materials that can be found helpful in the future.

Upgrading to copper equipment will grant you your first ever weapon skill. With this skill, clearing out monsters will be much easier.

Become the Alpha Wolf

Becoming the Alpha wolf will give you the ability to turn into a wolf. To become the alpha wolf you firstly need to find and kill the Alpha Wolf boss.

When you turn into a wolf, you will get a 45% movement speed increase. This is one of the best early game forms of transportation. It will help you get from one place to another easily.

Craft a Vampire Lockbox

This is a special storage containers that is locked for other players and only accessible to you. This item is good to have especially if you are on a PVP server and don’t want to lose special items.

V Blood Archers

Killing the Frost and Chaos archers is good because you will get to earn great rewards for killing each one of them. These rewards will be related to your castle upgrades and character upgrades.

The Chaos Archer will give you the Devourer recipe. This object can be placed in your castle and it will take special gemstones and transform them into good crafting materials.

The Frost Archer will give you access to Tannery. Which allows you to turn animal hide into leather. Leather is important for armor and weapon craft.

V Blood Rufus the Foreman

Killing Rufus the Foreman is optional for some players. Killing this boss will give you a special crossbow recipe. The crossbow is not very powerful when it comes to killing enemies, but it’s a great way to pull enemies much safer.

Farm the Bandit Copper Mine

The Bandit Copper Mine is an area filled with enemies that you can kill and collect their loot. The Bandit Copper mine also has a ton of copper veins that you can harvest which will help you in upgrading your castle and character.

You can also get merciless recipe versions which are upgraded versions of the regular recipes. It’s always better to have a merciless version rather than a normal piece of equipment.

Create Rooms and Add Matching Floors

Create Rooms and matching floors as fast as you can. Make sure it’s a closed-off room and no grass is inside and that there is a matching floor.

This will give your workshop a giant boost in both time and consumption. You will get a 25% crafting speed up, and a 25% crafting material consumption reduction.

This will help you shorten your waiting time, and sometimes there are precious and hard to get items that you may want to save. The 25% material cost reduction will help you there.

These are all essential things that you need to do in order to be as efficient and economical as possible in the game. Follow each method step by step and you will become the ultimate vampire!