V Rising: The Duke of Balaton Location

Published: 24 May 2022
Gear up! It’s time to locate the Duke of Balaton in V Rising!

V Rising is a game where you must survive and continue upgrading your character and castle by collecting resources and unlocking new and unique things. As you play this game, you will unlock an object called a Blood Altar. This object will help you find all the available bosses that you can fight, and also get their amazing rewards.

This guide will show you the location of The Duke of Balaton in V Rising.

V Rising: The Duke of Balaton Location

To start searching for the Duke of Balaton, you will need to have the Blood Altar placed somewhere around your castle and use it. Once you open the blood altar, scroll down until you find the boss and press on “Track Blood”.

Tracking his blood will show you a red wave that is going to guide you to his location and start your fight. After killing The Duke of Balaton, you will be rewarded with the following:

  • Toad Form (Power)

The boss can be located on the far north border of the map in the Swamp of Greed area. When you reach this exact location, you will see the boss standing in his natural habitat and waits for a fight.

The Duke of Balaton is a level 62 toad boss that has a few interesting jumping, slamming, and tongue licking abilities that you need to watch out for.

All in all, this is going to be a time consuming fight, as the boss has a ton of health and will require you to stay focused and avoid all of his incoming skill shots.