V Rising: Raziel The Shepherd Location

Published: 24 May 2022
Check out where Raziel the Shepherd is located in V Rising!

V Rising is a great survival game where you play as a vampire and your main goals are progression and completing your ultimate castle build. Progression in this game means killing all the bosses that you are required to kill and become the strongest vampire in the game, by becoming the strongest, your title will then be Dracula!

This guide will show you the location of Raziel the Shepherd in V Rising!

V Rising: Raziel The Shepherd Location

Before starting your journey, it’s best that you create some holy resistance potions in order to protect yourself from the enemies.

Once you have protection set up for your vampire, it’s time to head over to the Blood Altar, open it up and see where Raziel the Shepherd is located and check his rewards. Simply press on “Track Blood” to begin obtaining his scent and follow the path.

The boss will be located in the Dunley Monastery area, just west of the Dunley Farmlands zone. To find the exact location, you will need to enter a giant church building and the boss can be spotted at the other end.

This will be a long fight with this boss as he has a lot of health and he tends to spam most of his spell-casting abilities towards you which deal a ton of damage. This is where the Holy Resistance potion will come in handy to protect yourself from his holy powers.