V Rising: Putrid Rat V Blood Guide – How To Summon & Unlock Rat Form

Published: 19 May 2022
Let’s find out How to Summon Putrid Rat & Unlock Rat Form in V Rising!

In V Rising you will need to defeat several unique bosses in order to become the omnipotent lord. These bosses can be found in your Blood Altar and they are considered to be V Blood carriers. Once you defeat them you will be able to collect their knowledge and powers, then you can track them through their blood scent. There is only one, Putrid Rat, that can’t be found that easy. Don’t panic, we have a simple trick on how to track Putrid Rat!

 In this guide, we will tell you about Putrid Rat and How to Summon & Unlock Rat Form!

V Rising – Putrid Rat V Blood Guide: How To Summon & Unlock Rat Form

Putrid Rat is the only V-Blood target that you can’t find via the blood altar. It is not traceable, but it’s pretty simple how to find him and take him down to get your hand on the red form, which turns you into a small rat blend into the environment with a sneak form which is hard to detect by enemies.

How to Summon

When you track down a V-Blood target, you’ll be able to see exactly where they are, see the power they give when you take them down, as well as structures and recipes, but with the Putrid Rat it is a little bit different.

It doesn’t have a track blood button, but it’s actually pretty easy to find out how you can summon him.

First what you need to do is build a Vermin nest. In the production tab refinement, you’ll be able to find this structure and it’s pretty cheap to construct, but if you place this one down, you will see different refinement options and one of them is the Putrid Rat.

Basically, if you refine that option, you will be able to pop up this boss.

All Item Locations

However, getting your hands on all these materials can be slightly more complicated.

You will need:

  • 4 fishbone
  • 8 graves
  • 1 twilight snapper

All these materials can be found in the starter area, inside the treasure chest which you find all over the place in Bandit Camps.

The fishbone drops off even from enemies.

For the 8 graves, you will want to grind bones with the grinder or visit the Forgotten Cemetery and take down some of the necro monsters because they will frequently drop this item.

The Twilight snapper is the most difficult to get. You will have to do fishing and of course, first you need to craft a woodworking bench to be able to access the fishing rod.

How to Fish

During the day, or during the night you will find little fishing schools and the mini-game isn’t very complicated, you just cast your rod with the left mouse button and wait for the fish to bite.

Don’t get distracted by the little sounds they make. Basically, you’re going to wait for a huge splash and then press left click once again to hook the fish.

Boss & Rewards

Once you’ve collected all the required items, go back to the Vermin Nest and start to summon the Putrid Rat. Prepare yourself for a little boss fight. This one is not much challenging, but we recommend you to prepare a little bit as this guy can be a little bit tricky.

After you’ve taken him down, you will unlock the new V-Blood for the Putrid Rat and also the red form, which turns you into a small rat to blend into an environment, and sneak like a little rat, which is pretty hard to detect by the enemies.

This effect is by no means overpowered because the enemies will still detect you if you come too close to them, but you can definitely reach some chests a little bit easier in comparison with your normal form.