V Rising: Lidia the Chaos Archer Location

May 19, 2022
Time to find Lydia the Chaos Archer in V Rising!

Lydia the Chaos Archer is a boss that you need to kill in order to receive a ton of recipes that will help you upgrade your character and expand your base territory. Similar to all bosses, this boss has her own specific location where she is located and the mechanics are different.

This guide will show you how to find Lydia the Chaos Archer!

V Rising: Lidia the Chaos Archer Location

To begin your journey, you must first get to a specific progress of the game until you unlock the Blood Altar. The Blood Altar is a buildable item in your castle which will show all the available bosses and track them.

Find the boss through the blood altar and begin tracking her. The tracking scent will be a red particle line which will showcase you the path.

Continue following the track and you will find her in a random location roaming around.