V Rising: Keely The Frost Archer Location

May 18, 2022
Time to find out where Keely is hiding!

Keely The Frost Archer is one of the first bosses in V rising. You will need to defeat this boss in order to unlock new abilities that will help you through the first portion of the game. Getting to Keely is not a hard task so, following this guide will make it even easier.

Check it out, the frost awaits.

V Rising: Keely The Frost Archer Location

First, before you take on Keely it is recommended that you prep some equipment since Keely has a few aces up her sleeve that are easier to avoid with better armor. We recommend your character to be at least Gear level 20.

To get to Gear Level 20 in V Rising, you must make the following items. Making these items will require a Workbench and a Furnace.

Copper Spear: Requires 16 Copper each and 12 Planks.

Full Set of Plated Boneguard Armor: Require 60 Animal Hide each.

Blood Rose Ring: Requires 80 Plant Fiber, 30 Blood Rose, and one Bone Ring. The Bone Ring requires 40 bones to make.

After you have garnered all the equipment you need, you will have to use the Blood Altar in order to make tracking Keely easier since spawns are somewhat random.

After you have activated your Blood Altar you will have to make your way to Bandit Trapper Camp.

After this, you will have to search around in the camp, but when you find her you will know, she’s hard to miss.

After this, you will have to defeat her. Defeating her is not a hard thing to do, you will need to learn the basics of her attacks.

You should avoid all of her attacks, her attacks are very easy to read and very easy to avoid. Once you dodge an attack there is a window in which Keely can’t attack you, this is your time to strike. You would also want to kill every normal enemy in order to not get overwhelmed.