V Rising: Important Resources List

May 18, 2022
Check out the list of all the important materials in V Rising!

V Rising is a game where you can build a castle filled with great and unique builds. Create equipment that will protect you and destroy anyone who stands in your way. Creating all these things will require materials that are hard to reach and will require some time to collect.

Check out this guide to see all the important materials in V Rising!

V Rising: Important Resources List

Gem Rocks

Gem Rocks are essential items that you need for jewelry. There are different types of gem rocks that you can obtain and they are dependable on the area that you are in.

It’s recommended you loot all of them because they can be upgraded and will be useful in the future.

Whenever you find these rocks, hit them with hammers and collect your loot.


Copper is one of the essential early-game items that you can collect. To harvest copper, you will need to have at least a reinforced bone item which you can craft at the workbench.

Make sure to collect the copper ore and place all the ores in a smelter to get ingots. This will be needed for building.


Sulfur is the essential ore that will prepare you to collect iron.


Quartz is really important for this game. Make sure to collect it as fast as possible. Even if you can’t turn it into glass, collect as much as you can. This item will help you a lot for late-game.

Fish Oil

As you progress through Dunley Farmlands you will begin to collect fish oil by killing monsters. Fish oil is used to convert leather into the highest quality hide, which will be helpful for late-game progress.


Cotton is one of the most important resources in the game. You can find cotton in cotton farms. To collect cotton, you will need to begin slashing the cotton fields and cotton will drop. Simply spam e and gather it.


Iron is also a big upgrade once you pass copper and sulfur. With iron, you are able to create iron tools that can make farming and monster killing much easier.

When you begin progressing through Dunley Farmlands, you will begin to notice a lot of iron ores on the ground.


Silver is a rare material that can only be found in one location on the map. This location is the Silverlight Hills. You will need to have upgraded iron to begin harvesting silver.

Make sure to not have too much silver in your inventory. Silver damages you and the more silver you carry, the more damage you will take.

With the help of a scourge stone and regular silver, you will be able to turn it into dark silver which you then will be able to use.

Grave Dust

Grave Dust is an important material for almost everything that you are going to do. This item will help you get your scourge stone which will also help you get the dark silver item.

You can get this item by converting bones that can be commonly found at the cemetery.

All Types of Threads

Threads will be commonly found throughout playing the game. All these threads will help you convert threads to higher quality items which can then be combined to rare buffs.

These items can be commonly found inside the Cursed Forest area. They can be found through looting chests, killing monsters, and harvesting cotton and turning cotton into threads.

Gem Dust

Gem Dust is an item that you can obtain by dropping different tiers of gems into the Devourer that you will build in your castle. This item is needed for crafting materials for late game.