V Rising: How to Get Silver Ore

V Rising is a Vampiric survival game with tons of resources and collectibles around the huge world of Vardoran, that players have to collect to build and upgrade their castles and unique weapons. Some of these items are harmful to your vampire, like silver, which is the key trade in the game. Silver ore serves as the main ingredient for the third-tier weapons and equipment in V Rising. It’s important harmful items that players have to obtain if they want to conquer the most difficult areas in the game.

In this guide, we will show you How to get Silver Ore in V Rising!

V Rising: How to Get Silver Ore

The best way to find Silver Ore in V Rising is to farm the silver in Silverlight Hills region.

They look like a tall silver rock that you can find in the area, especially around the big rocks.

To collect it, go closer to the rock and start hitting it until it destroys by itself, which means you have collected all the silver.

The silver ores will automatically stack in your inventory.

Also, you can find tons of silver in the mines that are protected by humans. They have way more silver than you can find in the open world.

Take a note that the mines are so dangerous because they are full of humans that will use every chance to kill you.

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