V Rising: How to Get Scrolls

May 21, 2022
Let’s find out How to Get Scrolls in V Rising!

In V Rising you will never get bored by discovering new stuff every time you march across the realm of Vardoran. There are plenty of unique items and powers that you can get by defeating the bosses all around the map and placing your lord above the others. Here come the V Rising Scrolls which are a completely new tier of technology that players have to work on. Scrolls are the only item that will be needed to do research on your technology study.

In this guide, we will show you How to Get Scrolls in V Rising!

V Rising: How to Get Scrolls

The scrolls mostly can be found in the Farmlands region. The easiest way is to farm scrolls from level 35+ mobs. Also, destroy all objects in militia camps because they might drop some scrolls for you.

Some of the human territories can provide you scrolls, like the Militia Encampments, Militia Camps, Dunley Monastery, and Dawnbreak Village.

In these areas, you can find a lot of enemies, chests, and smashable objects that might drop scrolls.

Another way to get scrolls is to make them by yourself. For this action, you have to reach the point in the mid-game when is possible to make scrolls. In order to do it, you will need to kill the trackable boss from the Blood Altar, Frostmaw the Mountain Terror, who will unlock the Printing Press building.

Once you build a Printing Press, you need to collect sawdust, gemdust, and paper to be able to produce the scrolls.