V Rising: How to Get Mourning Lily

Published: 19 May 2022
Check out these locations so you can find Mourning Lily in V Rising.

V Rising is an open-world vampire MMORPG where you can go alone or with your friends to explore different lands, build a great castle, and even fight off monsters who will try to kill you. Feeding from the best and highest quality blood will surely make you stronger and survivability will be non-equivalent.

This guide will show you how to get a Mourning Lily in V Rising.

V Rising: How to Get Mourning Lily

Mourning Lily can be found in many areas. The most common area that you can look for is the Forgotten Cemetery.

A great tip to see what item you is common in an area, simply hover over your mouse on an area to see what important loot they give.

Mourning Lily items can be spotted on the ground mostly around gravestones. They are blue flowers, to obtain them, simply walk up to the flower and break it.