V Rising: How to get Highland Lotus Seed

May 21, 2022
Check out How to get Highland Lotus Seed in V Rising!

V Rising is a horror survival game, with a huge open-world filled with a lot of mysteries. Starting from the beginning players have to build a strong base, and upgrade their Vampire Lord. In order to do this, players must explore the map, go into different regions, and even challenge other lords to find and collect one of the most important materials for future upgrades. One of them is the incredibly rare Highland Lotus.

In this guide, we will show you How to get Highlands Lotus Seed in V Rising!

V Rising: How to get Highland Lotus Seed

Maybe it sounds weird for a Vampire to collect silver, but you will have to stockpile it because you’ll need it when you interact with a very specific trader, Ottar the Merchant. He is located all the way up in the Bright Haven slums in Silverlight Hills.

This NPC has a whole host of items you can trade for like Flawless gems, major explosive boxes for raiding, and even cosmetic helmets. What are you really after are the Highland Lotus Seeds. Each one costs only 200 silver, but it is well worth every single coin because the more you have, the more you can plant back in your castle, creating a seemingly infinite supply.

To get to the Bright Haven Slumps, you’ll need your human disguise vampire power. You can get this in the early mid-game by heading to Dawn Break Village in the Dunley Farmlands and eliminating Beatrice the Taylor.

She’s a passive V Blood unit that constantly flees from you attempting to draw the attention of the whole town.

You will also need to contend with the debuff you get when interacting with silver. Carrying 200 silver coins will give you a minimum silver debuff of 31. With any cloak that has some sort of resistance, you’re only going to get 15 silver resistance. Also, get some silver resistance potions which will give you an additional 50 silver resistance, allowing for up to 52 silver debuff stacks.

Once you have your disguise ready and have drank your potion, grab the silver coins and make the dangerous trek up to the outskirts of the Bright Haven Slums.

Make sure your blood is full as the human form will consume blood rather quickly. Done your disguise and make your way into the slums. Just watch out for any units that look blatantly holy such as the menacing Paladins and Clerics.

They can instantly spot you as a vampire and alert all the units to take you down.

Make your way through the main city gate, down the main alleyway, and hang a left at the gallows.

Pass by the iron cage between two buildings before you arrive at Otter’s shop.

Inside the shop, you can make your purchases of the precious seeds and promptly get out of that dead trap.

Back at your base, plant your highland lotus seed, wait for them to grow and harvest them and reap the rewards for your toils.

These don’t give a lot of flowers. Make sure you’re utilizing both vegetation based weapons like the Slashers or Iron Sword, as well as a solid worker buff for the extra 30% yield. This will make a huge difference in a long run.

Once you got your lotus, take it to the loom mix in some silkworms and cloth and you’ve got yourself a silk production line ready for the end game.