V Rising: How To Get Cotton

May 22, 2022
Time to explore the lands and find some cotton in V Rising.

V Rising is an excellent game with a ton of resources that can be brought together and crafted into a stronger item that can benefit the player in the future to get stronger and make his castle heart and build much stronger and resistant to attacks. Cotton is one of the main starting resources to get you going in the game.

This guide will show you how to get Cotton in V Rising.

V Rising: How To Get Cotton

Once you begin the game, in tier 1 you will not be able to instantly find cotton. Cotton can be found in the tier 2 areas in the cotton farms around Dunley Farmlands.

Once you get to this specific area, roam around until you find cotton plants. To collect cotton, simply begin slashing through the plants and you will obtain all the cotton you need.