V Rising: How To Defeat Octavian The Militia Captain

May 20, 2022
Time to stand up to Octavian the Militia Captain and defeat him in V Rising!

V Rising is an open-world vampire MMORPG where you can go alone or with your friends to explore different lands, build a great castle, and even fight off monsters who will try to kill you. Feeding on the best and highest quality blood will surely make you stronger and survivability will be non-equivalent.

This guide will show you how to defeat Octavian the Militia Captain in V Rising!

V Rising: How To Defeat Octavian The Militia Captain

Due to the open area and almost no shades, it’s not advised to fight this boss during the daytime. Wait for nighttime to come and begin your fight so you don’t take any damage from the sun.

This boss has 5 attacks that he will perform on you constantly.

His first attack is when Octavian slams the ground with his sword and a spinning saw blade can be seen coming towards your direction. If you get hit by it you will get knocked up.

When that slam attack is over, Octavian’s hit is followed by a slash that sends 4 different spinning blades towards you, each of these blades can knock you down.

His other ability is where Octavian screams in the arena and summons an archer that will damage you. The amount of teammates in the arena is the number of archers he will spawn.

Octavian’s next ability will be when he yells, glows red and begins charging at you, and strikes several attacks which deal a ton of damage.

His final ultimate ability will occur once Octavian reaches 30% health. Octavian will begin spinning and deal AOE damage if you are caught in his spin. He will also spawn randomly flying blades in every direction which will do damage.