V Rising: How to Craft Paper

Published: 23 May 2022
Let’s find out How to Craft Paper in V Rising!

Crafting various materials is one of the most important things that players have to know and do even at the beginning of their journey in V Rising. Paper is an essential material that all players will want to have more as they progress through the game story. It is a major item needed for blueprints and various technologies that are crucial for the major upgrades of your castle and character.

In this guide, we will show you How to Craft Paper in V Rising!

V Rising: How to Craft Paper

To be able to craft paper, first, you must reach the point in the game when you will unlock the paper crafting. Because of that, in the early game make sure to collect all the paper you will find while exploring the map and follow the story of the game.

As long as you progress through the game, the paper will be needed in bigger amounts. In V Rising, Paper is used to discovering new T1 technologies.

You can find paper around enemy camps, logging camps, normally those Bandit camps, strongholds, and so on. Clear up the camps and search for all the chests you find, because you never know what is hidden inside them.

Also, you can produce Paper by yourself after defeating Nicholaus the Fallen, a level 37 boss, to unlock a Study Research Desk and build it in your castle, then discover the Paper Press recipe.

Once you are ready, you can produce the paper by yourself, which will require Sawdust and Plant Fibres. To do this, go to your Paper Press and put the required items in order to craft the paper. It needs only a few seconds for crafting one paper.