V Rising: How to Craft Dark Silver

Published: 24 May 2022
Collect materials and begin making Dark Silver for V Rising!

V Rising is a great survival game where you play as a vampire and your main goals are progression and completing your ultimate castle build. Progression in this game means killing all the bosses that you are required to kill and become the strongest vampire in the game, by becoming the strongest, your title will then be Dracula!

This guide will show you how to craft Dark Silver in V Rising.

V Rising: How to Craft Dark Silver

To begin your adventure in making Dark Silver, you will firstly need to unlock the recipe for Dark Silver. This recipe is unlocked once you kill Octavian who is a boss. Killing him will drop you the recipe and allow you to craft it.

Dark Silver is an item which is commonly used for crafting stronger and more durable pieces of equipment.

Once you have the recipe, you can move over to your furnace and use it to craft some Dark Silver. In order to craft Dark Silver, you will need to have:

  • 1 Scourgestone
  • 20 Silver Ore.

The Scourgestone is a rare item drop that you can obtain from defeating level 45+ undead monsters or unlock the recipe from killing Leandra the Shadow Priestess.

Silver Ore can be located and gathered from the Silverlight Hills region. There you will find veins of silver which you can mine and gather the silver.